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Site appearance:

The artificial grass, grass uniform, various line point line, uniform color, bright color, no color.

Second, each function line, point line width size and positioning accuracy, the size of the functional area meets the standard.

No obvious gap between the two images, turf seams, compact not glue bond.

Fourth, filling sand particles and clean surface, filling full, no obvious difference of height.

Filler thickness:
According to the rebound performance of the brand in the actual use of artificial grass, as well as the requirements of relevant international and domestic authorities, the amount and filling method of artificial grass are formulated according to the type and height of artificial grass. The artificial grass filling method is as follows: the bottom is filled with 40-60 purpose quartz sand, the upper layer is filled with 16-24 purpose rubber particles, the two layers are separately filled, and the mixture can not be mixed.

Smoothness and gradient:
Flatness requirement of three meters the ruler should not exceed 3mm, drainage slope site shall not be less than 0.4%.

Accuracy of line distance and dimension of each point:
The markings, colors and sizes of various functional lines and dot lines shall comply with the requirements of the FIFA rules, and the error shall not exceed 2cm.

Performance test of artificial turf site:
Do not allow any ground such as arching, fracture or fracture phenomena such as degumming, bottom cloth. Standard football field test, the rebound of the ball in 40%, that is, the ball from a meter high free fall, rebound height of 40cm.
Construction process
Before entering the construction of foundation, roughness, slope and surface appearance were detected, the error of flatness is 3M diameter shall not exceed 3mm, drainage slope site shall not be less than 0.4%, the need to trim trimming measures and requirements, to meet the requirements, before entering the construction.

Long line (measurement), find the center point of the site and the two half circle and put foot cable according to the three positioning points, set the venue line and sideline intersection, then the exact location of the Pythagorean theorem to set the venue on each corner, point, line, and then set the function point, line the.

Will move along the long grass admission transverse edge direction spread, and in turn from one end to the other end of the longitudinal edge forward, open, try to weave on the grass in the white line line position, reduce the number of cutting.

The weaving on the turf and placed into the outer line position function to the white grass line cut, set aside, if the white marking is another woven, must draw lines with hand cut into 12CM wide white.

The "green turf each joint lap 2-3 cm, with cutting grass pushing knives cut from joint central, so that both sides of the turf as far as possible lap compact, and then to trim the paper knife.

Those will be connected with spread along the turf seams 20 or 30 cm wide, into the grass below, try to make the connection with the turf joint is located in the central (if the rain wet, semi dry to dry angel, then glue) with a rubber scraper scraping evenly coated on the connecting belt, and then put on both sides of the turf together in connection with the adhesive. If the gap is large after straightening, it can be cut at 2-5 centimeters apart and stretched to the interface, so as to ensure the beautiful appearance.

In the long grass basic after the splicing, again pull set the exact position of each function line and point, with knife cut, cut the grass out, will be connected with in scraping glue, originally prepared white line back into the grass, cementation compaction. It is difficult to draw the arc in narrow areas such as corner kick, and the whole corner area can be cut and cut into small pieces and put back together.

"When the turf paving after the splicing, pleated part of the turf to open, to straighten the paper cutter docking, resection of overlap, and then cemented.

Long after the treatment started with turf all imported sand injection machine sand injection, if there is no sand filling machine, according to the specifications of the 4M*4M on the whole point, according to the different height of grass per square metre kilograms sand filling the quartz sand evenly spreading to the specified area, with brushing machine will spread all quartz sand the uniform and comb the grass line, and each aspect of a comb.

The sand injection is completed, start with imported sand injection machine injection particles, if there is no sand filling machine, according to the specifications of the 4M*4M on the whole point, according to the different height of grass per square metre kilograms will note particles of uniform particles spreading to the specified area, with brushing machine will be spread evenly and colloidal particles the grass line comb, and a comb each aspect.

The filling is completed, and then brushing machine and comb grass fiber each time.

The work is completed in accordance with the requirements of artificial grass surface were detected on the nonconformity for rectification.

"With the completion of acceptance.

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